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Welcome to AK's tribute to the artists who participated in the first American Tri-Star production of GODZILLA back in the early 1990s. You can find an excellent (and far more complete) summary of this lost production at Rodan's Roost in their "Kaiju Scrapyard" Department here.

We hope to eventually represent all the artists who participated if possible, but we will start with two: Ricardo Delgado (original designer) and David Russell (original storyboard artist).

Ricardo Delgado is an Eisner award-winning artist (for Dark Horse Comic’s Age Of Reptiles) with a long list of motion picture and televison art department credentials, including for "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", Star Trek: First Contact, Men In Black, The Matrix Reloaded and The Incredibles, amongst many others. Ricardo’s entire IMDB list of credentials can be found here.

Ricardo Delgado was hired to do the conceptual designs for Tri-Star’s original production of GODZILLA sometime back in 1993-94. When he read that Jan DeBont was going to be directing an American version of Toho’s classic, Ricardo, having been a big Godzilla-fan since childhood, created an original audition piece titled "Attack On The City", which featured a Godzilla-like monster (see illustration 1). Consequently, he got the job as the original GODZILLA designer. It was Ricardo’s intention to make his new creation "resemble the original Godzilla, but to give it more of a realistic saurian angle" (see illustration 2). As many already know, Ricardo was taken off the project by Tri-Star after producing dozens of G-designs and illustrations as well as a half-completed G-sculpture. These were sadly removed by Tri-Star and locked away "somewhere".  Perhaps someday, we will be fortunate enough to see the rest of Ricardo’s remaning “lost“ artwork.

Illustration 1

Illustration 2


American G'94 Artist Tribute:

David Russell

All artwork images are the sole property of Ricardo Delgado.

Credits & Thanks
Special thanks for their assistance with this “American GODZILLA '94 Artist’s Tribute” goes sincerely out from me to Ricardo Delgado, David Russell, Brant Elliott, G-FAN magazine (#33 1998), and Kaijuphile webmasters Rob Hood and Brandon Waggle

David Russull

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