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David Russell is a storyboard artist with many years of experience of working on numerous Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster movie productions. Some of these are: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, The Color Purple, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Batman,  Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,  Terminator II: Judgement Day, A League of their Own, Tombstone,  The Thin Red Line,  Moulin Rouge,  Master and Commander, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, just to name a few. David’s entire IMDB list of credentials can be found here.

David Russell has recently written a contemporary fantasy novel, titled Enchanters, that follows the adventures of a young woman who discovers a hidden world of magic that coexists uneasily with our own. You can find out more on David’s novel (including where to buy a copy) here

David Russell was hired to do storyboards for Tri-Star’s original production of GODZILLA sometime back in 1993-94. Now, we are proud to present the internet debut (as far as we know) of some of the actual storyboards David created for Tri-Star’s prematurely-cancelled 1994 production of GODZILLA. The storyboards shown here are not in a complete sequence, but we hope you will find them interesting in expressing Aaron Vaught and Nelson Fleer’s search for the Big G’s nemesis (and the villain of this story), “The Gryphon”. This is followed by a second sequence of storyboards that features attacking Probe Bats.

Storyboard sequence—

The Awakening of the Gryphon

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The Attack of the Probe Bats

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American G'94 Artist Tribute:


All storyboard images are the sole property of David Russell.

Credits & Thanks
Special thanks for their assistance with this “American GODZILLA '94 Artist’s Tribute” goes sincerely out from me to Ricardo Delgado, David Russell, Brant Elliott, G-FAN magazine (#33 1998), and Kaijuphile webmasters Rob Hood and Brandon Waggle

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