Welcome To The New American Kaiju!
Jun 19 2004 by Sauron
We are very pleased, proud, and excited to announce that the new home of American Kaiju can now be found at www.kaijuphile.com. Many thanks goes out to Brandon and his very helpful staff, and we are very happy to be on board with you guys!
American Kaiju Store!
Jun 19 2004 by Sauron
Please check out our brand new feature, the AMERICAN KAIJU STORE!
New King Komodo and Gigante Showcases added.
Jun 19 2004 by Sauron
To help introduce KING KOMODO (co-created with Mike Bogue), and GIGANTE (co-created with Boyd Campell) to the new American Kaiju site. We hope you will enjoy the design, comics, and story-board pages offered there. [BTW: the story board panels may or may not be part of the upcoming KING KOMODO graphic novel].

GIGANTE is already being published in ZATSO magazine by the Aboyd Co., and is available at http://www.zatsomagazine.com

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